As a Plano Chiropractor, I have seen that the true cause of disease results from one of three things we experience as ordinary life.  The first of which is stress.

Stress over time leads to hormone changes within our bodies.  The hormones which help us battle stress are mainly produced by the adrenal glands.  This would include adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol, dhea, amongst others. Normally these hormones will rise when needed to help us adapt to our environment, however when stress persists our adrenal glands may grow tired and cause lowered immune response, weight gain, sleep problems, digestive issues, and even reproductive hormone problems.  Fortunately, If adrenal fatigue is addressed early enough it can be solved simply with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

The second cause is toxicity from our air, food and water.  When our bodies are exposed to toxicity that our kidneys and liver cannot fully eliminate, we often  store these toxins in our body fat. This leads to additional fat being added to our bodies to protect us from the toxins.  As a result we often see additional weight gain and inflammatory diseases, like allergies occur.  To get rid of this inflammation we use a nutritional cleansing that results in an average weight loss of 8 pounds and a lowering of triglcycerides by as much as 19% and measurable improvements in blood sugar all within 7 days.

The third is undetected nerve damage resulting from injury and physical activity through out life.  While nerves control every function in our body, we commonly only address this if pain is involved.  Truth is, only 10% of our nervous system addresses pain while 90% of our nerves control functions like sight, hearing, digestion, etc.

This is what chiropractic has been designed to treat.

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