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Green Smoothie Love

One of the best things you can do for your health is to drink a green smoothie every day. They are super simple to make, and they are nutritional powerhouses! Green smoothies make our skin glow, increase our energy, and provide us with the nutrients we need.

Leafy greens are literally the most nutritious and important food on the planet that we need. They contain everything we need, including fiber, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, chlorophyll, and more. Green smoothies are a great way to get your leafy greens in. I know that the color green may be offsetting to drink, but I promise you that green smoothies taste amazing. Always opt for making them yourself since most prepared green smoothies contain preservatives. You can make a bunch of green smoothies, and store them in mason jars to drink within a week. They’re perfect for on-the-go!

For the best green smoothies, start off with a leafy green or two. If you’re new to green smoothies, you may want to use mild leafy greens. Spinach and romaine lettuce are the most mild greens to use. You can also use kale, chard, dandelion greens, etc. There are many leafy greens. You can add other vegetables as well. Cucumbers, purple cabbage, beets, and celery are ones I use in smoothies. Chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds are also a great addition. Fruits are a must for a pleasant taste. My favorite fruits to use in green smoothies are pears, apples, bananas, and pineapple. Fresh lemon juice or lime juice is amazing, also. You can use any fruit you want. For the liquid, water is best to use, but you can even use coconut water, coconut milk, oat milk , or almond milk. The important thing to remember is to not add too many ingredients. The more ingredients you use, the more that the  smoothie will really taste like nothing. Keep it simple.

Be sure to blend the greens and water first. The cell walls of the greens take longer to break down. Add in the fruit last, and blend quickly. If you blend the fruit for too long, they will be nothing but sugar. Add all of the greens that you want to. You won’t taste them!

Drink your homemade green smoothies every day, and notice your energy rise, your skin radiate, your taste buds smile, and your mood lift. :)


~ Jessica

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