What is thanksgiving?

Today supposedly a whole nation is giving thanks but what is thanks?
First of all thanks should encompass more than a day. It is more than a thought or a word. It is an attitude that comes from comparing your state of being to someone or something else. It is a realization that God or a person has honored you with gifts that improve your being or your lot in life.
Today I am thankful for the pharmaceutical industry….the reader might think they have misread that last sentence. No really, one year ago this week I was told that I had been found to have breast cancer. Of course I went through a time of adjustment that the body that had served me so well had betrayed me along the way. My case has been treated with a medication made in England by Astra Zeneca. I am thankful for that medication each and every day. It has stopped the creeping villain in its tracks at least for now. This medication did not exist 10 years ago and fortunately I am a 98% match for it. I promise I know the meaning of thanksgiving. And it is that medication and my gratitude that has given me a great 2014 and a joyous anticipation of seeing what 2015 has to offer. The meaning is not from the dictionary but it IS straight from my heart. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers. CS

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