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I am a lecturer at a university. every day I went to campus to teach. I was bored with it. next week I want to vacation and spend time with my family. I wanted to take them on a picnic, but my car is very ugly. I am ashamed to have to drive my car with my vehicle. I want to buy a new car, but I do not have enough money for it.

My mother asked me to take the family to go to the beach. I am very confused by it, because my car is very ugly. I felt uncomfortable with this situation. they wanted to go picnic this Sunday. but I delayed our departure because I have not fix my car. then I decided to modify my car. I have a friend who seemed to help me. I asked him to help me modify my car to make it look more luxurious and clean. He suggested to replace the old dash kit with a wood dash kit. so the car looks more elegant and luxurious.

afternoon, I and my friends went to the shop to modify my car accessories. I added a few accessories in my car. I changed the head lamp, the color of the car, and front and rear bumper. on the inside of the car, I added a few accessories such as lamps and dash kits. after I changed some parts of my car. I feel more confident. I also replaced my old dash kit with a new dash kit. I use a wood dash kit. You can also beautify your car to modify it. you will feel more confident with the car because your car look more beautiful. You also will enjoy your life with your car. by only modifying your car, you’ll get a lot of exciting changes.

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