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Steering Bits

November 1, 2012

I decided to replace the original steering column with a new Flaming River tilt column. I used a 32″ column and also ordered a 3.5″ drop and the hardware for mounting through the firewall. I considered converting to a column shift but in the end opted to retain the Genie floor shifter that is already in the truck.

The steering shaft and linkage is within the recommended angle (15 degress optimal 30 degrees max) so I will be able to use a two joint system as opposed to a three joint system.

To verify clearance I used a 3/4 wooden dowel to verify the two joint system would work. Clearance looked good so I ordered the parts needed to connect the column to the power steering rack. Normally I’d need to use a valve between the GM power steering pump and the Ford rack but the pump I bought is already valved for the Ford rack so that’s one less part to worry about.

Another shot of the mockup showing the wooden dowel rod between the Flaming River tilt column and the power steering rack. Using these dimensions and verifying the angles a two u-joint setup should work fine.

Steering shaft mockup 1942 Chevy pikcup header clearance

Close up shot of the 0.75 dowel used to determine clearance from the new Flaming River tilt column to the power rack.

Shot from the base of the new Flaming River steering column down to the Mustang II power rack. 0.75″ wooden dowel used to determine clearance and if a two or three joint install would be required.

Shot of the mounting plate for the 3.5 inch Flaming River column drop.

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