Benefits of aspirin for our health

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Everyone is aware that aspirin is a little pill which is used by many in order to relieve the pain of a headache that’s why it is called “wonder pill” [1]. But it has been found out that there are other benefits of aspirin that we may not have previously known about. Aspirin has turned out to be good for more than just getting rid of the pain in our heads, and a lot of people want to know more about the benefits that they can receive from such a small tablet.

One thing that a lot of people have found out about already is that aspirin can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes through daily treatment [2]. If you have a history of heart attacks and strokes in your family or you’ve had one before then you have a high risk of getting either of these. Although it is alright to take aspirin once in a while if you have pain or fever, it is important to only take the daily aspirin with consultation.

The reason that aspirin lowers the chances of getting heart attacks and strokes is because the aspirin reduces the blood clotting action of the platelets. Though, again, do not take these pills regularly without consulting a doctor. There can be adverse effects, especially if you do not need it or if you are taking other medication that may conflict with the aspirin and cause serious problems.

Another possible benefit of aspirin that has recently been studied is its long term effects on us which could possibly reduce the possibilities of cancer [3]. A study was conducted where people took seventy five milligrams of aspirin every day for five years and they had fewer deaths from bowel cancer. The drug only worked after five years of administration though.

The people who took aspirin for five years showed that they had one third less death rates of all cancers and fifty percent less for gastrointestinal cancers. These numbers are based on the usual statistics of cancers, so it is not completely definitive yet. The aspirin does not work immediately, only after at least five years so there would be no instant seen effect.

Although these results were found, it is important that people do not start taking aspirin by themselves. There are certainly new benefits, but there are still a lot of possible bad effects if people take it without talking to a doctor. There is still a lot of uncertainty about the treatment since the long term effects have not been completely studied yet.

All of these great benefits from taking aspirin might seem like a great reason to just start taking it right away, but there are still some major problems that could happen without taking it right. Taking it for problems like headaches and pains is alright once in a while, but taking it regularly is something that you really should not try by yourself.

With new possible benefits of aspirin, we are given hope for the future where we can have fewer health problems and live longer and healthier lives. If you want to know more about taking aspirin regularly, you should talk to your family doctor.

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