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Baclofen did all whole lot more for me, but this part is mostly about the addictions.

I was addicted to Cocaine, Speed(Methaphetamine), GHB, Zopiclon and Alcohol, where Alcohol and Zopiclon were my biggest addictions. Especially when I took them together.

Furthermore to destroy any other negative feeling I would Ocasionally take Ecstacy any Benzodiaphine, weed and some other stuff. The only addiction nowaday still left is smoking, but at least I smoke less.

Though I hadn’t had certain addictive drugs for a while now, because I couldn’t afford it or my Doctor wouldn’t subscribe it. The menthal addiction for those drugs where still highly there.

Until one day I obsessively started looking for anti addiction drugs, it took a long time before I would find Baclofen. There’s just not much information(yet) to be found on the subject, especially when you’re not sure what you are looking for.

Wasn’t easy to find a doctor who would subscribe Baclofen to me but I finally did, who works together with my psychiatrist.

It only took a week to stop craving Cocaine and GHb, I would still have cravings for alcohol and speed. Also my craving for Zopiclon disappeared, so that I now finally would admit that it was heavily addictive. Something I had been denying all this time.

Also I didn’t need any more Benzo’s because Baclofen worked way better than those it was way more relaxing without feeling sleepy all the time. However I did sleep way better on Baclofen as I did on any Benzo. This was on about 70/80 mg a day.

One more week later, also the extreme craving for Alcohol and the slight craving I had left for speed disappeared. Finally I could just leave the alcohol in my fridge without having the urge ‘to must’ drink it. I was at roughly 100mg that time.

Nowadays I can just drink 1 or 2 beers and actually enjoy it, without having to take more and more. Though, usually only in the weekend. There’s no need for me to drink during weekdays.

The only addiction still standing was smoking, perhaps not the most important one. But I figured if I higher the dosage of Baclofen I can quit that too. At 60mg or higher dosage at a time, I would feel bored. Slightly depressed even, also wasn’t enough to stop smoking. I kept that dosage for a week, then started building back towards 37,5 mg a dosage. Which still represses my addictions and my fears. While still being able to sleep well.

I’m convinced sooner or later one of these days I can stop smoking, as I enjoy it less and less. Part of the addiction will be handled by Baclofen, the rest will come down to willpower.

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