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I am often asked if spirits hang out in graveyards.  From my experience, graveyards are not necessarily the place that spirits frequent.  I heard something a few months ago about spirits spending time in dentists surgeries and ER rooms!  At first I was skeptical but according to the person who was telling me – the spirits draw energy from the environment – the energy of fear!

It is true that fear produces a lot of energy so it makes sense that the spirits who want to use that energy to manifest and affect the physical environment would be attracted to the places that produce that type of vibration.

This got me thinking if this is the reason that many haunted houses are sources of extreme paranormal activity.  I have just watched an episode of Ghost Lab investigating at the Edgar Allan Poe haunted house attraction in the states.  They say that they have investigated at many haunted attractions – it is possible the spirits gravitate to these places as the fear energy produced by the hundreds of terrified visitors is a source of power for them.

Perhaps the next time you visit a haunted house attraction – you will encounter something that isn’t of this world!

2013 will be an exciting one for the Beyond Belief Paranormal team as we will be working with John Adams doing psychic walking tours in Ross Bay Cemetery for Halloween.  After walking the cemetery with John I came across lots of strange energy and am looking forward to exploring this more during the tours!  visit Discover the Past website for information of all of John Adams walks for 2013

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