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  • Online
    Weather.com – I like this one, nice and simple, point and click
    and get the idiots guide to tides and weather. Click here to go straight
    to the tide information – http://www.onlineweather.com/sailing/tides.html.
  • Weathercall
    – Weathercall is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of weather forecast
    information by telephone and fax. Using data supplied by The Met
    Office, and coupled with state-of-the-art technology, Weathercall
    provides comprehensive 7-Day forecasts for 27 local regions, plus
    the national picture, available 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • Oceanroutes
    – The World’s premier provider of marine information services. Certainly
    a service for the more hardcore mariners – probably for Tanker Captains
    and so on, but it may be of use to you!
  • BBC
    Weather Centre – A good all round weather service with UK Satellite
    and Radar information, Shipping forcasts, Inshore Waters forcasts
    and other weather related information.And it’s free!
  • UK
    Weather Information – Hmmm. Very boffin. If you’re heavily into
    weather forcasting you may find this useful. Got to say, it didn’t
    make a lot of sense to me.
  • Weatherheads
    – Weatherheads is going through some changes, we are now working
    with Boatastic.com who are expanding the Real Time Wind Reports
    across the UK, with some cool new technology, integrating video,
    so you can see the actual sea state!! By launch you will see Plymouth,
    Weymouth, Cowes, Lee on Solent, Hayling Island, Worthing, Brighton
    and Queen Mary’s, with more to come.
  • NERC
    Satellite Station – Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, Dundee
    University, UK, maintains an up-to-date archive of images from NOAA,
    SeaStar and Terra polar orbiting satellites. Images from geostationary
    satellites covering the whole earth are also available. To view
    the images please complete the on-line registration form. Registration
    is free and the images are free!
  • Interactive
    Weather Information Network – The National Weather Service’s
    (NWS) Internet data source….Weather.GOV – A good high informaation
    weather resource for the more experienced weather interprete

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