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Posted: January 5, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Special events are meant to be, well, special. So when Magenta was recently asked to help plan a holiday lunch for a local corporate client, we stepped up to the plate and turned what could easily have been a humdrum lunch in a hotel ballroom with Bob from Accounts, into a special event to remember.

The lunch was held at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay. By using great decor rentals we transformed the gallery and ballroom into a cool event space and created a chic lounge dining experience. And who doesn’t love surprises? Different entertainment elements were revealed at different stages of the event, treating guests to a few surprises and keeping them wondering what was coming next.

When guests first arrived at the Mandarin, they were greeted in the Oriental Gallery by the mellow sounds of Cafe del Mar music from dynamic DJ Tommy Demers of Get Down Tonight Entertainment (http://www.getdowntonight.com/). They could grab a cocktail from one of two bars and whet their appetites with passed gourmet hors d’oeuvres as they chatted with colleagues and relaxed on the soft seating.  The door into the ballroom remained closed so the remainder of the event was kept secret.

 When it was time to open the doors, the DJ music was replaced by the sound of dueling pianos who welcomed guests into the ballroom. Entering the room, guests were wowed by the glamorous table settings before them. There was not a single banquet round and linen in sight! Instead, they could choose to seat themselves at an eight foot mirror banquet table or a fun, hourglass glow table. Chairs were clear acrylic adding to the contemporary look. The color scheme on the tables was purples, amber, and white, with touches of silver. Centerpieces included a variety of hurricanes in clear or colored glass, luminaries in different shapes and sizes created by the fabulous folks at Seaport Candle (http://www.seaportcandles.com/), and fun votives. Not a single flower in sight! A fifteen foot glow bar complete with the company logo replaced the hotel bar. As this was a daytime event, drapes in the ballroom were closed to allow for the full effect of all things glowing.

 After feasting from buffet tables, there was another surprise in store for the party-goers. Desserts came gliding into the ballroom on two strolling tables dressed in winter wonderland garb, thanks to the sensational Screaming Queens Entertainment (http://www.screamingqueens.com/). Cameras instantly started to flash and some guests were left speechless, wondering if they had had one too many cocktails….. And as if that wasn’t enough, before they left, most guests made time to pop into the photo booth with a colleague (or two or three – or more?) and no doubt there are still many amusing photos pinned on cube walls back at the office.

All in all, a huge success. I must admit, it was a risk creating a club-like atmosphere in the middle of the day but it worked. The decor looked great, it was totally unexpected, and guests didn’t want to leave. And if that isn’t confirmation of a successful event, what is?


 Chloe has made herself look special with some holiday sparkle!

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