Somanabolic scam – is kyle leon the real deal?

The large over-sized shops which attract large number of customers are termed by the common man as supermarkets. The maze-like structures are designed to attract the customers and these shops are used to sell ‘processed food’.

By their great appearance super markets catch our attention with their appeal to our psychology. Though it seems to be a convenient way to buy food for our family, we are kept wondering what the real food is, its origin and what it becomes. Because of this convenience, people forget to note its ill effects.

We, the people are attracted by the illusive and relentless advertising which makes us try the food. There is no day without a ‘must try’ food product and they are advertised on several media to make us have a try.

Young children, in particular should need a quality and non-processed diet for their physical and physiological growth. Optimal health by eating quality food is essential.

According to history, the health of our children has never been compromised. We should ensure them with adequate nutrients to make their immune systems stay healthy.

We can classify food as two types namely the whole food and the processed food. People will be healthy when they eat whole food and people know the definition of it. But processed food is something which is not in its natural state.

Nowadays, even the food items that we believe healthy are processed which lack nutritious value. The processed food contains trans-fats and chemical preservatives doctored with colorings and flavorings. To some extent, we are also responsible for the current shopping and eating situations.

It is sad to say that we have lost the taste of fresh, unadulterated food. We feel satisfied with the devitalized food which cannot keep us healthy.

The processed and highly-salted and sugar laden food tempts us to eat more. It increases obesity and our sedentary lifestyles are really a health threat for the developed world.

The English chef, Jamie Oliver made a tour of American schools and was shocked to discover that many of the children could neither taste everyday vegetables nor could name them. When asked about cereals, they said that they came from a packet and also which packet would give them the best nutrition.

We have become distanced ourselves from food sources like farms, dairies and the orchards. Adding harmful additives like sweeteners, artificial flavoring and coloring after stripping essential nutrients pose a significant risk to health.

Large percentage of everyone’s house hold budget is spent on processed food. If you are not convinced, open your fridge or pantry and have a look at this processed food.

Your great-grand mother recognizes the ingredients and you are struggling to read the names of the chemical additives. The ingredients are added deliberately to give our tongue a good taste but they are not healthy.

After reading this article many of us may stop our tracks and we will question about buying processed food. We should be careful about the food habits and we should be greatly concerned about the nutrients which are subtracted. These nutrients are designed to protect our health, with fiber and good fats. They strip away the antioxidants. Let us be well aware of good and healthy food.

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