Swamiji’s books

Swamiji is working to edit and print several books.  These have been writen for the benefit of the devotees, so they may better understand who Swamiji is and what is the unique nature of his service to the world.  They are intended to help people better understand their own spiritual path, and to inform about the purpose and activities of the Matha. Some booklets are being prepared to introduce the ancient practices of puujaa and yajnam and to spread the mystical wisdom of the Vedic sciences.

 Swamiji is now completing three small books.  He requires editors fluent in english and sanskrit and is looking for sponsors to help make publishing possible.

The three books planned for publication are :

1 Shishya PrakaraNam

a book writen by Swamiji about his experiences with his Gurujis.  This texts is designed to help people come to understand who Swamiji is as they come to a deepening experience of their own Divinity.  It gives advice for how to work with a Guru and explains the necessisty of a guru and the mystical nature of the Guru Shishya relationship.  It shares rare stories of miracles and visions Swamiji has witnessed to help the devotees to have faith

2 GaNapati Nitya PuujaaM

This will contain the sanskrit text for the Ganapati Puujaa Swamiji teaches along with english transliteraton and translation of the mantras.  It conatins a section on Ganapati and his unique qualities and a description of the nature of devas and the practice of puujaa. 

3 Sandhyaa Vandanam

 This book will contain sanskrit text of the Sandhyaa Vandanam and other basic daily offering taught by Swamiji.  There will be english translation and transliteraton, and a description of Gayatri deva with detailed meditation instruction.  There is a section on agni hotra, pitri tarpanam, karunya tarpanam, chatur balim, panch yajnam and brahma yajnam. 


 Once these three are completed we are seeking people to help translate them into Kanada, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. 

Other books planned for future publication will include: Shiva Puja, Vishnu Pujam, Devi Pujam, Yajnam, Veda mantras, Mula Mantras, Sannyas, Chatur Bali, Panch Yajnam, Shodasha Samskara, etc.

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