Shamanic psychotherapy school

If you are ready to begin your journey to self-improvement, this is the perfect place to start. Join us for the “Soul Rescue Introductory Evening” or “Awakening the Shaman Within”. Read more about these life-changing classes below.

In the Shamanic tradition, Shamans accessed healing energy arising from Nature and the Divine Mystery. This energy is accessed throughout our environment and ranges from the depths of the Earth to the angelic realms of the Heavens.   Once one learns to access these healing energies, they

can be used for healing of oneself or others

. It is time to awaken this natural essence of our beings.

The purpose of the class is to awaken these ancient qualities through the exploration of the inner senses and intuition.

In those classes you will:

  • Connect with yourself and others
  • Learn about sacred space
  • Connect with spiritual presences and your helpers
  • Learn to love and respect the EARTH
  • Discover the healer within you
  • Strengthen your boundaries and your compassion
  • Open up to your inner senses and intuition
  • Open your heart and creativity
  • Make a connection to the EARTH through drumming and creating sound

Format of the classes:

4 evenings from 7:00 to 10:00 pm (see schedule)

Investment : $220.00 + HST

See schedule page for dates and location

The Soul Rescue Introductory Workshop has been designed for two different students.

First, it is an excellent

course for beginner who want to achieve better understanding of Entity attachment, Shamanic Clearing and Soul Fragmentation and Retrieval. It is also designed for professionals who are interested in pursuing the Soul Rescue program. It provides an excellent introducotory class for the Soul Rescue Program.  
Participating in this evening will bring you the benefit of understanding the inter-relationship of the body/psyche and the Spirit world; the difference between Spirit Guides and Entity attachment; how to protect and ground your energies for a better living and how to contribute to the healing and evolution of the planet.

The “Soul Rescue Introductory Workshop” is based on Shamanistic practices from various traditions and the work of William Baldwin and Edith Fiore.

This is a one evening event
From 7:00pm to 10:00 pm (see schedule)

Investment: $50.00 + HST

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