Special event photography in new orleans!

is on the cutting edge of digital imaging. We photograph with Canon’s top of the line Digital SLR, the Canon 1D. This awesome camera is the fastest professional digital SLR available today producing an amazing 8 frames per second, allowing us to capture all the action at even the fastest sporting events. Just think what we can do at cocktail parties!

In addition we shoot with Canon’s finest lenses, the “L” series. These precision optics not only produce razor sharp, saturated color, they are extremely fast and enable us to shoot in low light situations without a flash when necessary.

We work with industrial strenght compositing software by Triprism, which was designed for high speed, high volume clients like Six Flags Theme Parks and Walmart Photo Studios. The software is powered by reliable and powerful Macintosh G4 computers.

Our photographs are printed on very fast professional Sony Dye Sublimation Printers. Unlike inexpensive inkjets, these quality printers produce beautiful, continuous tone images on a durable substrate that is laminated for beauty and protection. These pictures are are of archival quality and should last 50-100 years when displayed in glass frame. Out standard production unit can shoot, print and package approximately 60-90 5×7’s per hour or 25-30 8 x10’s per hour.

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