What is tramadol and how it works

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Tramadol bottlesTramadol is a centrally acting analgesic, and is used to treat moderate to severe pain. This medicine was developed by a German pharmaceutical company in the late 1970s. The chemical structure of Tramadol is different from those of opiates. It is also known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression and phobias as it affects the serotonergic and noradrenergic systems.

The drug is widely available and sold as Tramadol hydrochloride and can be gotten in form of tablets, capsules, chewable tablets and many others. Tramadol has also been used as the ingredient in multi-agent topical creams, gels and solutions for rectal foam, nerve pain, skin plaster and concentrated retention enaema. Tramadol has a distinguished taste which is slightly bitter, but less so than codeine and morphine. Liquid drops are available with added flavoring. Maximum dosage of Tramadol is 400mg/day in any form.

Possible Side-effects of Tramadol

Stomach problems are one of the Tramadol side effects.About Tramadol, there are also off-label and investigational uses to talk about. There is a list of them and the main ones include diabetic neuropathy, fibromayalgia, migraines, premature ejaculation and so forth. When thinking about Tramadol, it is always good to know some of the side effects that might emanate from use. They can be both severe and mild. Examples are nausea, stomach problems like constipations, hypersensitivity and the list goes on. To be on the safer side, use medication as directed by a doctor. If you experience unusual side effects, seek help immediately. Used safely, Tramadol can help you overcome pain. 

If you experience any side effects, inform your doctor.In case you are allergic to Tramadol, avoid using the drug, and watch out for symptoms such as breathing disorders, hives and swelling. In case you experience weak heartbeat, skin rash, convulsions or breathing difficulties, discontinue the use. Some of the other serious side-effects include flushing, vision problems, sleep disorders, dizziness, constipation, vomiting, and appetite problems.

If you experience any side-effect, inform about doctor and don’t keep it to yourself. Some effects are harmless, while some can pose serious health danger, and hence it is essential to keep your doctor informed.


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