Do You Think Smokeless Tobacco Is Any Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

Smokeless tobacco is not something you smoke or swallow. You put it in your mouth, between the your gum and, then you spit it out. It is really gross and it damages the mouth by causing cancer of the mouth. It decays the gum around the teeth and kills the taste buds on the tongue. It also can eat a hole in the walls of the mouth and cause your teeth to fall out. It causes nicotine to get in your blood system, which can get in the other organs in your body. There is another name for smokeless tobacco, which is chewing tobacco, and it can come in cans and pouches.

Did you know it can cause damage to the brain and the heart? There are millions of people who chew and many people have suffered for the damage it has caused to them. If you chew, stop right now before it does damage to your mouth and body. It may be hard to quit but you will feel better and you will feel more alive. The longer you are doing this, the more damage it will cause day by day. The tobacco companies try to make it out to be cool to do, but it is not. It is not cool to damage your body and ruin your life just to be cool or to have the nicotine in your body.

People think that smokeless tobacco can not do as much damage as smoking can, but that is not true! Whether it is smoking or chewing, it can do the same amount of damage because they both are dangerous and slow killers. You see many people do it. They have a big ball sticking out on the outside of their mouths and they spit it out everywhere. It also stains your teeth and makes your breath smell like the tobacco. Did you know that out of every high school, 20% of boys and 2% of girls chew smokeless tobacco? It can become an addiction just the same as smoking cigarettes.

These are your kids and they are starting at a young age and really do not get what can happen to them because they think it will not happen, but it can. It is important to talk to them and get them to understand and show them what can happen. It may not put chemicals or toxins into the air, but it is still putting chemicals and toxins into the body. If women are doing this while they are pregnant, it can still cause birth defects and other things. Smokeless tobacco is just as addictive as smoking is and they both take lives away.

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