Some Very Serious Side Effects Linked to YAZ Contraceptive

Yasmin lawyers have already filed a number of lawsuits against the pharmaceutical giant Bayer. For women who have taken the YAZ contraceptive or its older, higher-dose counterpart Yasmin, side effects can be potentially life-threatening. YAZ birth control, despite an aggressive marketing campaign touting additional positive benefits, may actually do much more harm than good.

YAZ side effects lawsuits are based on a number of different accusations. They allege that the manufacturers failed to:

– Properly warn about the potential risks
– Adequately test and research the drugs before releasing them into the marketplace
– Remove the medication from the market once the adverse effects were apparent

Yasmin attorneys have also filed claims relating to false advertising. Though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chastised the drug maker, prompting a $ 20 million advertising campaign correcting previous misleading ads, that correction may have come too late for those who were convinced to use the product after seeing ads that promised benefits such as clearer skin and less severe premenstrual syndrome. However, the products still became the biggest-selling contraceptives worldwide, and brought in over $ 1.5 billion in the first quarter they were released.

The dangerous component of the Yasmin pill is most likely drospirenone, a synthetic variety of the hormone progestin. Unique to Bayer’s versions and the generic Ocella, the hormone is not included in any other contraceptive currently approved in the United States.

Drospirenone has been known to increase potassium levels, which can result in a condition known as hyperkalemia that disrupts heart rhythms and causes circulation to slow. Slower blood travelling to and from the heart increases the chance of blood clots occurring, and if these break off and find their way to the lungs or to the brain, a pulmonary embolism or stroke is likely. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, this hormone could as much as double the risk of blood clots.

YAZ attorneys have encouraged women who have been diagnosed with certain serious health problems after taking the drug to seek legal advice. The most severe YAZ birth control pill side effects include:

– Cardiac arrhythmia
– Cardiac arrest
– Intracardiac thrombus
– Pulmonary embolism
– Stroke

These serious conditions can even end in death. Over 50 fatalities related to the pills have been reported to the FDA, including victims as young as 17 years old.

Medical experts also advise that women with any of the following conditions are at an increased risk and should not use these drugs:

– Pregnancy
– History of stroke or blood clot
– Circulation problems
– Heart valve disorder
– Breast or uterine cancer
– Abnormal vaginal bleeding
– Kidney or liver disease
– Adrenal gland disorder
– Severe high blood pressure
– Migraine headaches
– History of jaundice

Anyone taking the YAZ birth control pill should also contact a doctor immediately upon noticing any of the following signs:

– Sudden numbness or weakness
– Chest pain
– Change in severity of migraine headaches
– Stomach pain
– Jaundice
– Breast lump
– Symptoms of depression

At least one lawsuit has also named the drugstore Walgreens as a defendant, alleging that in selling the pills, the store impliedly warranted that they were safe for use. The plaintiff in that case experienced a blood clot in her lung, as well as an infection surrounding that clot, after purchasing the contraceptives there.

A number of these federal suits have been filed in the past few years, and these may be consolidated in order to coordinate pretrial proceedings. Many different firms are representing plaintiffs who suffered harm from the products; consolidation will help avoid inconsistent pretrial rulings and repetitious discovery.

For those seeking legal advice after suffering injuries relating to YAZ birth control, lawyer experience is critical. If you or someone you know has been harmed due to false promises in the misleading advertising campaign, find help from a Yasmin birth control lawyer.

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