Learn To Detect Prostate Cancer At An Early Stage!

In the year 2011 alone, around 300,000 men died due to prostate cancer. This surely a serious health concern among men that needs to be addressed with the seriousness that it deserves. Prostate cancer may often be detected at its early stage through testing the Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) amount that is present in a man’s blood. Another approach to identifying the deadly disease is by digital rectal exam shortly referred to as DRE. Since the adoption of these early detection methods around 1990, the casualties that have occurred because of the condition have significantly dropped. Below are some of the signs, which come along with the condition.

The need to urinate more frequently

Although when taken solely it will not necessary narrow down to prostate cancer, one of the main symptoms of the condition is, the urge to urinate more frequently than one used to urinate before. What is more, the situation may force you to wake up in late hours of the night to go urinate. As petty as it may look, the sign should not be ignored because the earlier you report the situation to a physician, the more likely the condition can be dealt with before it gets out of control.

Need to rush to the toilet

Other than the need to urinate more often especially at night, the urge to rush to the washroom over time may be a major significant symptom to keep a close eye on. Just like in the case of frequent urination when the sign is taken on its own, it may not exactly narrow down to prostate cancer. However, in case the condition gets out of hand, you may need to consult a physician as early as possible as the key to fighting the condition is early detection.

Difficulty in peeing

Adding to the abnormal frequency whenever it comes to urinating and peeing, it can also become very intricate to urinate and pee. What is more, it may take more time for the urine to come out than the usual times. This is a very dominant symptom, which needs not to be ignored, as it is one of the most assuring signs of prostate cancer in men. Moreover, apart from the ‘long hours’ spent when trying to either pee or urinate, there may be instances of a proportional pain that comes along when engaging in the activities.

Bladder not fully emptied

Another observable condition that comes with prostate cancer in men is that at times, after urinating you may feel that the bladders is not fully emptied. This may be one of the causes to visiting the toilet repeatedly. However, after trying to urinate again, they may be no more urine that comes out. This condition is also observable whenever you go to pee.

Weak flow

It is also possible to detect a weak flow of urine whenever in the toilet. If these two signs, longer urinating time and abnormally weak urine flow, are noted together, it is essential to report to a hospital, as the condition requires immediate attention to combat its consequences.

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